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Friday, April 04, 2008

Awkward moments

I heard this story on the radio this morning and I had to share it because it fits very well with the theme of most of my stories, and actually reminded me of a story I should have blogged years ago.

My son, Thomas is 4. He got a new white turtle neck over the Christmas holidays and he just loved it for some reason. So much so, that he started wanting to wear it all the time and then he started telling us his name was now "Whitey". At 4 years old, he un-officially changed his name to Whitey. It came to the point that if we called him Thomas, he would correct us.

I had kind of forgotten about this one night when our family went out for dinner. Our waiter came up to introduce himself and he was an elder black gentleman. He announced that his name was Thomas and gesturing to my son I said, "Oh, that should be easy to remember, my son's name is Thomas."

To which Thomas, my son, replied, "I told you my name is Whitey. CALL ME WHITEY! MY NAME IS WHITEY!"

-From a comedian I heard on Bob and Tom

While, fortunately, my story is not quite as embarrassing or as good as this one, it had a similarly tongue-in-check manner to it.

When Conner was about 3 or so he and I were walking through Wal-Mart. I was carrying him and we were running back to pick up something and then we were going to meet up with Anita at a different part of the store.

As we were walking by the end of an aisle, this real big guy walks by us, and rounds the corner into the next aisle. He was probably 6'4" and 320 pounds I bet.

Just as soon as he was around the corner, and almost practically as he was passing us, Conner blurts out, "DID YOU SEE THAT BIG FAT GUY!?"


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