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Friday, June 27, 2008

Mommy's drinks

I had a good one this morning that I just remembered.

For those of you that know us, you know that Anita and I don't drink alcohol very often at all. Anita enjoys beer or wine and occasionally will pick up one or the other and she'll have one with dinner. Well, inevitably the boys would always start in on her..
"What are you drinking mommy?"
Just a mommy drink...
"What is that mommy?"
It's an adult drink.
"Can I have some?"
No, not till you are an adult. You have to be 21.
"What is it called?"
Special mommy drink
"NO, what is it really called?"
Amber Boch
"Amber BOCH?? huh?? What's that?"
It's a drink
"But what kind of drink is it?"
It's called beer.
"Can I have some?"
No, you have to be 21.
etc... etc..

Okay, so one night we were cooking pasta and Anita had poured a glass of wine to have with dinner and had it sitting out on the table. Conner came in when we called for the boys and sat down in his spot. He looked at what he had to drink and then saw Anita's glass and of course was curious why he didn't have a red drink too. He asked her, "What is your drink mommy?"

To which she replied, "It's a special mommy drink."
"Can I have some?" he of course asked.
"No, not until you are older. It is an adult drink."
Immediately, "What's it called?"
"It's called wine."

As I turned my back to the room to disguise my laughter I thought, "Alright Mom. Go ahead. Explain this one."


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