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Monday, August 25, 2008


We went to Holiday world a few weeks back with the Huffs and had a blast. There were many things to note for the weekend. One, of course, was the fact that Conner was tall enough to ride anything in the park (by 1/2 inch), and he took advantage of that fact to ride the biggest, baddest, meanest roller coaster in the place first thing. He rode The Voyage at about 10:15am just after we got there.

What I really wanted to write about though was a great anecdote that came about while we were in the water park. Jay and I were running around with Bryson (Jay's son) and Conner riding water slides and having fun while Anita and Aly had the other two boys. There was a great water slide that is a "racer" ride, where there are about 12 tracks side by side and it's just a straight slide with humps that you race down and see who finishes first.

The four of us had already been down the racer slide once and had a blast so we all four decided to go do it again. We get to the top and are next in line and I thought I would hype up the boys by saying, "Alright! Who's going to win this time? Are you ready? I think I'm going to win. Are you ready to race!?" - you know, just trying to get them excited.

Conner just turns around and says in his classic deadpan, "It's not really a race. The heaviest person wins."

He was right. I won.


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