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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grunt Machine

One Saturday morning, I was getting dressed in my bathroom when Zach rushed in and said he had to go potty. Scooting around me, he went into the "potty closet" (our toilet is separated from the bathroom by it's own door). I'm standing there brushing my hair when I hear Zach in the bathroom grunting up a storm..

"uuuunnnnnngghhhhh grrrrrrnnnnggggghh...."

This isn't completely unusual. The child does this a little too often, but whatever. What came next is what was entertaining. It's when he started talking out loud while grunting.. Let's tune back in to the action.

"unnnnggghhhhhh ggrrrnnggggggghhhhhh ... now that's a good poopie!"

"uuunnnnngghghhhhh ggggghhhhhhgrrrrgghh..... woooooweeeee, that one stinks!"

I decide to at least make sure he's doing alright in there so I say through the door, "Zach, you doing okay in there? Everything alright?"

"Everything's fine, Daddy Master Flash!"


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